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The city’s light environment has always been a high-priority task for VARNA MUNICIPALITY.
In 2014-2016, lighting installations were constructed for special effect park lighting of the Seaside park, the Summer theater, the large Roman Thermae, children’s playgrounds, monuments, new functional lighting of the main pedestrian area and the central part of the city.
The total amount of investments exceeds EUR 980,000.
The sites are:


1. Special effect lighting of the large Roman Thermae in the city of Varna under the project “Restoration and expansion of the special effect lighting of the large Roman Thermae in Land plot 10135.1507.1001, under the map of the city of Varna”, 2014.

The ancient Odessos Roman Thermae are one of the great sites of today’s Varna. They were built in the Roman era by the end of the II century and functioned until the end of the III century. They had an important social function in the ancient Odessos, which in 15 b.c. became part of the Roman empire and was an important economic and cultural center of the Black sea and the Roman province of Moesia Inferior. The Thermae were not just a place for bathing, but also a center of public life.
The remains of the Roman building, which was used as a public bath, reach a height of 20 meters in some places and cover an area of over 7,000 sq.m. This makes them the largest preserved antique construction in Bulgaria.
The special effect lighting of the large Roman Thermae consists of a controlled system of differently installed floodlights.
The main purpose is to change the outlook of the historical site during the dark time of the day, whereas a part of the floodlights groups are used also for stage lighting for performances on the territory of the thermae.
The lighting installation is made up of 249 floodlights.

2. Special effect lighting of Seaside park under the “Repair and reconstruction of Seaside park, city of Varna” project, monuments, underpasses, 2015 and 2016.

Varna’s Seaside Garden is one of the city’s symbols. Until mid-nineteenth century it was a field outside the confines of the city. The prototype of a city garden for public use emerged in 1862, when bush hedges and fruit gardens were planted in the place where the gallery entrance stands today.
After the Liberation, in 1881 began the creation of a new modern seaside park planted with rare tree types from the Balkan peninsula. In 1895, the czech park creator Anton Novak, famous for the construction of the Schonbrunn and Belvedere palaces in Vienna, was appointed to manage the Varna municipal gardens. Gradually the sea garden grew, and Varna developed as a resort and balneological center.
The first lighting system for the alleys was constructed in 1912 – 1913.
The Aquarium in the Seaside park was created in 1906, and the Navy museum of Varna opened doors in the 50-ies. The foundations of the Zoo were laid in 1961, and the astronomy observatory was opened in 1968. The Varna Dolphinarium opened its doors in 1984 in the Northern part of the Sea garden.
The Seaside park is a great place for recreation and a transition to the city’s beaches.

The lighted sites are:
• Entrance to the Seaside park near the Summer theater.
• Entrance to the Seaside park near the border patrol monument.
• Entrance to the Seaside park near the “Pantheon” monument of the city of Varna.
• Sundial.
• The bent tree, city of Varna.
• The trees around the Bitter fountain.
• “Shipka” str. underpass.
• Monument to Petko Voyvoda and monument to rear admiral Variklechkov.

The lighting installations are completed with 139 floodlights.


1. Repairs and reconstruction of park lighting, 2015.

• Repairs of park lighting of the Seaside park, Odessos region.
• Repairs of park lighting of the Seaside park on the territory of the “Primorski” region, city of Varna.
• Reconstruction of park lighting in the Sea garden, city of Varna.

2. Lighting of 222 children’s open-air playgrounds on the territory of the city of Varna in the “Odessos”, “Primorski”, “Mladost” regions and in the “Vl. Varnenchik” and “Asparuhovo” residential districts, 2015 and 2016.

The lighting installations are completed with 575 luminaires.


1. Reconstruction of street lighting in the main pedestrian area of the city of Varna under the project “Modernization and aestheticization of main pedestrian and public recreation areas of the city of Varna” within the European operating program “Regional development” 2014-2016.

The first of its kind square “World” is located in the heart of the Largo, represents a stylized map of the world and includes plaques of 192 capitals with their geographical location against that of Varna.
The large coat of arms of the city is found in front of the entrance to the Sea garden near the gallery.
In the central pedestrian area, on the “Independence” square, is the city’s largest fountain with an entirely new outlook, which offers the citizens and guests of the city sound, light and water effects.
The restyling of the Largo is the second stage of the project for aestheticization and modernization of the main pedestrian areas and areas for public recreation in Varna, financed under the European operating program “Regional development’.

The lighting installation is made up of 202 luminaires.